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Mid Autumn Festival Mooncake

Made from selected ingredients and meticulously prepared to bring out the best flavors in each of our mooncakes, you will be spoilt for choice in this years Mid-Autumn Festival. Choose from our many varieties such as the Snow Skin Green Tea with Red Bean and Walnut mooncake latest addition; the fragrant Snow Skin Musang King for you to take home.
Join us as we celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival!
*Enjoy 20% off with purchase of 1 box (4pcs of mooncake) for selected debit & credit cards.
Call us NOW at +603 2161 8888 to book your mooncakes or go to www.corushotelkl.com for more information.
1 Pure Lotus 1 Yolk RM 31.00
2 Red Bean RM 27.00
3 Low Sugar White Lotus RM 30.00
4 Mixed Nuts RM 31.00
5 Pandan Lotus 1 Yolk RM 30.00
6 Tropical Emerald RM 30.00
7 Matcha Tiramisu RM 30.00
8 Hana Kisses RM 30.00
9 Green Tea Apricot RM 30.00
10 Snow Skin Musang King RM 32.00
11 Snow Skin D24 Durian RM 30.00