Tips To Stay Cool Under The Malaysian Weather

18 November 2019

Malaysia has stood out as one of South East Asia’s gems for decades now, and is one of the few countries free of natural disasters, even omitting the four-season climate, resulting in a perpetual summer. As exciting as that sounds to travellers from chillier regions, Malaysia’s weather can be both a blessing and a curse; with sunny skies flipping a switch to unleash torrential downpours at any moment. Typically, the wetter months are March through April, as well as September to November, with the rest of the year being hot and humid. While sunny skies are always a treat, Malaysia tends to wear you down with its humidity, which can reach up to 90%. When out and about, it is advised to pack light and always prepare oneself for a sudden downpour. As with most South East Asian countries, it is crucial to alleviate the heat and humidity by coming up with a strategic travel packing list. 

First off, clothes. Forget all those layers; instead, focus on pieces of clothing that enable you to stay cool. Both cotton and polyester are go-to answers when locals are asked how to stay cool in the heat, providing different but equally valid approaches to staying cool. Cotton is lightweight and absorbs moisture, allowing you to stay cool albeit slightly damp, with polyester on the other hand providing better ventilation, allowing moisture to quickly evaporate, creating a cool sensation in the heat. 

With casual attire aside, you may still want to pack for a more sophisticated outing, with Malaysia offering various exciting locations for a fun night out. Once you’ve packed all your comfy and stylish outfits, it’s time to take a look at the footwear department. More often than not, you will find yourself doing a considerable amount of walking, making comfortable breathable shoes a necessity. It is recommended to pack a pair of sneakers or breathable shoes to keep you comfortably on your feet all day.

When running through travel essentials, ensuring you are safe under harsh weather is always a must. Malaysia’s hot days and rainy days offer two extreme conditions that could prove treacherous to the uninitiated. Protecting yourself against the sun’s ultraviolet rays become especially crucial in Malaysia, with stark, direct sunlight being a daily norm. Make sure to generously lather on high SPF sunscreen or sunblock before heading out into the heat, keeping tabs on when the SPF protection wears off. 

Donning eye protection is also advisable, preferably with a pair of polarised sunglasses, ensuring the stark reflections and direct sunlight steers clear from your fragile corneas. With sunny weather handled, make sure you also pack a raincoat, or at the very least an umbrella and some waterproof gear. Rain is never out of the question in Malaysia, with sunny skies quickly taking a turn for the worse when you least expect it. 

Millions of travellers from across the globe land in Malaysia for its sunny skies. However, being prepared to handle the draining heat in Malaysia is a real challenge. Sun protection for your skin and eyes will only take you so far, with the ultimate piece of advice when asked how to avoid heat stroke in Malaysia being ample hydration. 

The heat and humidity is a surefire way to evict your body of all of its fluids, making rehydration the utmost priority. Thankfully, a refreshing bottle of water is always two minutes away throughout the country. To alleviate any risk of heat stroke, it is also advised that travellers steer clear of hot food and heavy meals, pace yourselves when walking outdoors, and always make time for rest in cool places. 

Malaysia typically shines and pours, but its positioning close to other developing countries can sometimes lead to unwanted weather conditions such as haze. While the term is less-known in the western world, it is a yearly occurrence in Malaysia. Haze is a buildup of particles in the air, typically caused by large scale fires in neighbouring countries, and can make outdoor adventures unpleasant, to say the least. 

Seeing as haze is a man-made problem, there are no “seasons” for the occurence, resulting in potentially tough-to-avoid situations. Should you find yourself in a hazy climate, make sure to leave room for travel delays, pack medicines for symptoms like headaches, coughs, and other flu-like symptoms, wear N95 masks whenever outdoors, keep all windows and doors closed, and spend minimal time outdoors if the situation does not improve. 

Travel planning is critical when deciding to visit any destination, with Malaysia being no exception. Packing hot weather travel clothes and footwear, skin and eye protection, rain protection, and staying hydrated will maximise your chances of experiencing everything the beautiful country has to offer. A surefire place to visit in Malaysia is its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, a stunning blend of historic buildings and towering skyscrapers. If you ever find yourself on the lookout for a comfortable and strategically-placed hotel in Kuala Lumpur city centre, Corus Hotel is a frontrunner with its top notch facilities and close proximity to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Be sure to visit Corus Hotel’s website to learn more and make a booking